Red wines

Malbec reserva

HARVESTS: 2016 | 2017 |

This wine has a beautiful intense colour with purplish tints.

Its nose is elegant, with notes of ripe fruit, vanilla and spices, its aromas are very fresh.

On the palate, it is concentrated and round, with a moderately voluptuous palate. The tannins are present with discretion and give a beautiful structure and complexity. The finish is persistent with a return of spicy notes.


HARVESTS: 2017 | 2018 |

This wine has an intense cherry colour.

The nose expresses itself slowly, first with aromas of spices, then flowers and finally fresh fruit.

On the palate, it is fruity with a silky texture in the middle and a very slight presence of tannins at the end, which gives it a nice length.

Vino Tinto Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot RESERVA

HARVESTS: 2017 |

This wine has a deep purple colour.

On the nose, it expresses herbaceous aromas mixed with candied red fruits.

The mouth is round and silky, with almost melted tannins which give this wine a very good length and lightness.


HARVESTS: 2018 |

Excellent colour, intense, brilliant, with a hint of cherry tones and purple highlights.

Delicate and complex nose: floral, aniseed and berry notes.

On the palate it is fat, with good volume in the middle of the mouth, a pleasant texture and density that gives persistence.

To the taste, notes of white chocolate appear. Long finish.