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Our Dream

We are a group of friends who are passionate about wine and Argentina and we have acquired a beautiful Finca in the Mendoza province where we have an ambitious viticole project:
Vignes des Andes

Many of us have travelled and lived all throughoutthe world, but it is at the foot of the Andes where we have decided to pursue our dream that we hold so close to our hearts: to put down roots.

Not only to produce our very own wine, but to welcome our friends.


Our Soil

The soil in Mendoza generates a fertile energy, radiating under a sign of sun and water is it born joined at the heart of the cordillera. The altitude, thermal amplitude and the dry climate matures the grapes in a way that gives them a subtle scent and a strength to the wine when we are developing great vintages.

Situated in the crossroads of the infinite space of the New World, Mendoza is a region with a long agricultural tradition and expertise that dates back to the colonial period starting with the Spanish, Italian and later the French wine makers.

The choice of this domaine was the result of a long and systematic research after which we finally found the ideal land in the zone agreste of Alto Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo, just south of the town of Mendoza.


Our Vineyard

The choice of cepage originated from beautiful combination created by our agronomist engineer Marcelo Canatella :

The domain is made mainly of Malbec American and Franc stem, the symbolic grape variety in Argentina, combined with Cabernet Sauvignon, du Petit Verdot and Sauvignon Blanc.

On our domain, we also produce an exquisite extra virgin oil from our olive tree plantation.


Our Wine

In March 2013, we reunited together to celebrate our first harvest! The range of Des Andes vines were born !
Today the domain proposes a range of fine wines under the brand name
Passion de los Andes :

Invitation to have a glass of wine amongst friends, with shared sentiments, to come discover the tastes of the new world

Admiration of the majestic Andes, the purity of the elements, with the personality of the land and of the wine that we develop

Passion for the beauty of nature and space, passion originating from an adventure of Vignes des Andes and the men and women who are making their dreams come true.


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